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New technologies are nowadays important resources,even essential in the educational field in Cameroon in particular, and in all african countries in general. But to achieve their effective integration, the challenges are important. We can safely say that new technologies are disrupting pedagogy in all its aspects without however destroying it. Traditional face-to-face teaching, where the teacher gave his course according to a vertical dynamic : « from the top to the bottom  », we will move to a horizontal pedagogy in which the student is the architect of his training and his personla success.


Educational system and structure inappropriate to socio-economic conditions
Failure and precariousness are linked in Africa and in Cameroon in particular( non-payment of school fees) 
Cost of textbooks and applied methodoly to revise lessons 
70% d African students do not have the opportunity to offer repeat or upgrade courses 
Inappropriate educational orientation and introverted professional lives. 


IWIN ETUDES is the only mobile structured reliable and easy to use educational and guidance support in Central Africa.


A revolutionary application that covers the whole educatif ecosystem from primary to secondary and provides excellent guidance tools;
The only mobile virtual classroom accessible at any time where teachers and instructors are at the service of pupils and students; 
Boosts the education system by creating a new dynamique and adapted methodologies permitting students to study more easily and in a simplify way in other to ensure their success. 

The product

IWIN ETUDES was launched on the 30 march 2020 for a taste phase and three days later after the launching she has registered 1000 subcribers and two weeks later 1700 subscribers.
Nearly 70% have renewed their subscription; 
IWINETUDES and IWIN Kid's who are the products of the game IWI? APP'S are already available at 95%; 
Requested by several school leaders as an educational tool; 
Adapted to the Cameroonian and African education system according to the APC and is adaptable to any other system; 
Downloadable from Androide, iOS, Windows, Mac, Linux. 

The market

IWIN ETUDE has as principal target students of basic and secondary education and also the PME and university students. 
Cameroon has a population of 26.21 millions with a literacy rate of 77% (+15) that is 20.18 millions (83%men agaisnt 72%women)*
4,500,000 general secondary students and 6,000,000 elementary students or 10,500,000 potential subscribers
250,000 subscribers in the first year
2450,000 loyal subscribers in the future 04 years. And that's just in Cameroon.
Cameroon has 209 482 companies. IWINETUDES intends to be an advertising plateform and a showcase for educational institutions in Cameroon and Africa.


The monthly subscription fees is CFA 1 000 (thousand CFAF)
The cost of downloading the answers paper is 50CFAF per answer papper 
Companies pay a fixed amount based on their size and the type of product marketed 
Other sources of income linked to education and social network activities are possible. 


Media and social networks
The events 
School leaders 
The various actors involed in the field of education 


Iwin Etudes is the first complete online study application and structure according to the official program in Cameroon and in Central Africa 
Mastery of the Cameroonian and African educational system 
Mastery of Cameroonian and African mentalities,
IWIN Etudes has a field of infinite possibility with multiple sources of income
The project is timely ( COVID-19) and will undoubtedly be well received by the target market ;
He has the capacity to extend his functions to cover a maximum need in the sector of education, for exemple, this application can be adapted for university students ;
It is profitable in the short and long term with a great possibility of extension (The CEMAC zone is a large market to be eploited).
There is already a curriculum and a program content that matches government requirements.


Opportunity to invest 154 Thousand € for 20% of the capital
The capiatal will be used for:
Develop the application content and increase storage space
The management of marketing and communication expenses
Human ressources management of more employees
Contingencies and administration costs
Reach 1 million subscribers in 2 years.


Become the first fully digital school in Cameroon
Cover the French-speaking and English-speaking Africa sub-region
Design a range of IWIN poducts in the field of Education profitable for each other.

The team

Eric Fotso Kuate (PDG)
Promoter of ISTIA Cameroon.
Henri Noumbissi
Software engineer
Bachelor in computer science and mathematics.
Parfait ONANA
Software engineer
Computer system design engineers.