Who are we ?

IWIN APP’S is a limited liability company incorporated under cameroonian law headquartered in Douala-Bonamoussadi, and whose main activity is the development and popularization of various applications and the provision of services. Initially integrated into WITOS Sarl (World Improvement Technologies Organization of Services) as a research and development department whose main objective was to promote the integration if ICT in schools, IWIN Research Department of its initial name has been seen, in view of its multiple challenges of recent years, in particular the tweaking and launch of the application Iwin Studies, detached and transformed into a full societal entity. On the strength of this experience in the field of education as well as our strong presence in the educational system for eight (08) years through WITOS Sarl, we have been able to identify and understand the difficulties faced by students, supervisors and parents. We touched on their reality and their daily difficulties, and it is in the perspective of providing solutions that the company was born Iwin App’s,

Our mission

The mission of Iwin App’s is to bring a breath of fresh air to the Cameroonian and African education system in general to the extend that it not only brings a digital convergence of education, but also gives access to education to the thousands of young people in difficulties such as:

  • Schooling difficulties due to lack of means ;
  • Difficulties in continuing studies due to advanced age ;
  • Difficulties in affording a home teacher or refresher courses ;
  • Lack of opportunity to access appropriate and quality education ;

Iwin App's equally permits to parents to regain intellectual ancestry over their children given priority to the effctive follow up of the children at home,which was not always obvious to most parents because of their insufficient level of education. Iwin App’s provides a simple and effective solution to all this problems by providing all the educational community with easy-to-use tools on which the only requirements is to know Read.

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