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IWIN, a mobile application that permits to students of secondary to study their lessons in the most simple way.

Mobile study

Iwin puts at your disposal revolutionary tools that make it easier for you to learn lessons and better prepare for end-of-year exams.

Revisions sheets by class.

Find your reading sheets by class, by subject and by lesson finely developed according to the cameroonian educational system by highly qualified teachers.


In synthesis of module or by lesson to play while learning the thousands of quizzes to prepare to boost your neurons.

Evaluation pappers and Answers.

by simulation sequence of exams conditions allowing you to have your exact level of preparation,

Evaluation tests.

Thousands of class and examination papers from the most prestigious establishments in Cameroon are available to you with well-developed answers.

Educational games.

Our educational games make learning fun and addicting. You can learn just by playing,

Educational orientation.

to better help you in choosing your higher course, in establishing your dreams as well as the choice of profession you wish to exercise later,

Statistics and progressions.

Follow your progress by subject, by module and by lesson in order to contol your progress in studies and thereby to appreciate the subjects for which you will need a little more effort,
The ranking in real time which shows your rank compared to all the students of the establishments and of course those in your class as well.
A study time is also made available to you to allow you to set yourself revision schedule objectives or quite simply to know the time you spend to revise each day.

Virtual classes.

A teaching and learning environment in which participants can interact, communicate, view and discuss presentations and use learning resources while working as a group online.


A friendly and easy-to-use interface

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Study and revise anywhere from primary to secondary.

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